Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Magic Hands - Jennifer Laurens

Author: Jennifer Laurens
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Release Date: February 1, 2007
Pages: 216
Read in: 2 days

Cort, the high school senior jock seems to have it all -- except a summer job. When he lands one doing women's nails, his eyes are opened to the catty, back-stabbing world of females. Girls he thought he knew and trusted turn out to shock and use him. He gets to know Rachel, an elusive girl the others gossip about, a girl with secrets. From her he learns there is more to life than weekend partying and social status, and one of the secrets she shares with him will change his life forever.

D, A & P's Review:

"Magic Hands", was a ... tricky novel.

The novel begins with an introduction to Cort Davies life. A hottie, we must say. This caught us by surprise, one of the few YA romance novels with a male protagonist.  So we applaud the author, for doing something ... out of the ordinary.

Clearly crushing on Rachel, a girl he can't seem to sway, Cort finds himself being stereotyped as a typical jock. The book seems to act as a diary, for all his efforts, rather than the typical jock-in-love storyline it was supposed to depict.

In addition to all of his love-sick problems, Cort is on a desperate search for a job. His desperation leads him to 'Chachi's Nails', a local nail salon. We laughed out loud at his predicament, a few times. The girls in town fall head over heels for Cort, while Cort falls head over heels for Rachel. We found ourselves, becoming irritated with Rachel. Her staged mysteriousness, appears to us as a lack of words. "Maybe," seems to be the only word that comes out of her mouth.

We could ramble on forever about Rachel, or we could face the elephant in the room. The novel's storyline appears to be extremely sloppy. Over the course of the book, the author gives us a short perspective of Cort ... from Rachel's point of view. We were so confused about who was talking, that we thought Cort was talking to himself. As much as we greatly appreciated Rachel's perspective, we felt as if Jennifer Laurens should have stuck to Cort's perspective, for sake of being ... consistent.

We didn't go in with a lot of expectations for "Magic Hands", but we must say, we found ourselves a bit disappointed. In the end, "Magic Hands" was cute love story, that didn't seem to do it for us. Will we be reading more from Jennifer Laurens? Not for a while, but we'll keep an eye out (;


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