Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Feature! : Past, Present, Future

Hey, you guys!

Well, we just wanted to introduce a new feature to our blog, Characterized. It's called "Past, Present, and Future". This new feature consists of making a post every 2 weeks. In these posts we will mention books that we've recently finished reading, books that we are reading, and books that we plan on reading. The Past, will show 2-3 books we've recently finished reading; with brief descriptions from us, as well as, some few select thoughts we had. We'll also be sure to post the links where you can find the reviews for these books. The Present, will show 1-3 books we're currently reading. Simultaneously, read books probably. Yes ... we know, multi-tasking while reading books, usually makes you forget the story's main points; but so far, we're doing pretty good. We will include current thoughts we have about the book(s), and expectations we have for the book(s). We'll also be sure to include where we are in the book(s), and how many more pages we have left. Rarely will you see 3 books, the most you'll see will be 2. Lastly, The Future, will show 2-3 books we plan on reading soon. We'll include, how we heard of the books, maybe a few trailers, and thoughts we had from reading the overview. We hope you guys like our idea! Await the "Time Machine"! We'll probably have the first post up by the end of the week? Wish us luck?

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