Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Sunshine Award - Nominated & Nominees!

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The Sunshine Award, is an award that helps to spotlight new YA -- or any blogs. (Most, that have under 1,000 followers.)

Before we start, we'd just like to give a HUGE thanks to Vanessa @BluestRibbon. She's amazing, and we're so honored to have recieved this award from her. If you're not already following her, stop reading immediately, and go follow her blog. We'd also like to thank each other, for the encouragement we always give to each other. *Tear* Oh my god, we might just cry. But, we promised ourselves we wouldn't ...

Okay, so here are the answers to the questions:

1. Favorite color?

Anastasia: Either Cerulean or Salmon. No. Definitely Salmon!
Demitra: I like all colors. Hmm ... glittery silver, I guess. (I like glitter.)
Persephone: Purple. (Lavender, more specifically lol)

2. Favorite animal?

Anastasia: Dogs ( Labradors & Beagles!)
Demitra: Dogs & Turtles (Beagle, and my turtle, Franklin.)
Persephone: Cats (Tabby, hands down.)

3. Favorite number? 

All: ANYTHING THAT'S NOT ODD. And not, 666, of course ... O_O

4. Favorite (non-alcoholic) drink? 

Anastasia: Vanilla & strawberry shakes!
Demitra: Blue-Hawaiian Juice!
Persephone: Green tea!

5. Facebook or Twitter? 

Anastasia: Facebook.
Demitra: Facebook.
Persephone: Facebook.

6. My  Our Passions: 

Anastasia: Planning parties & events, shopping, architecture & design, soccer, BASKETBALL, and reading, of course. (:
Demitra: Psychology, mediating, soccer, learning, tutoring kids, SHOPPING, and reading. (I'm a little Velma - from Scooby-Doo)
Persephone: Mediating, soccer, Psychology, learning Greek & Spanish, shopping, travel. And, Ooh! Reading lol.

7. Getting or Giving Presents: 

Anastasia: Giving. 
Demitra: Honestly, getting. :D
Persephone: Giving.

8. Favorite pattern ?: 

Anastasia: OMG, Polka dot.
Demitra: SHINY, and glittery.
Persephone: Polka dot & Stripes!

9. Favorite day of the week ? :

Anastasia: Saturday.
Demitra: FRIDAY, Friday. (Gotta' get down on Friday! lol)

10. Favorite flower ?: 

Anastasia: Petunias.
Demitra: Lilies lol (;
Persephone: ALL flowers. Hence the Greek name, Persephone. 

Any who, for the moment we've all been waiting for, Nominees! Before we name them, we'd just like to state the rules for this award.

"If you are mentioned, don't forget to thank the person that nominated you for the award on your blog, answer the ten questions, choose ten other recipients to pass the award onto."

Okay so we basically "stalk" these AMAZING blogs, everyday.(Awkward ...)  We always get the funniest, and coolest vibes from their blogs. And ... if you're not already following -- go now.

(No particular order, guys. Click on the links, to visit their blog.)

1. Lady Krishna Asi @ Journey With Books
4. Yarethzia @ Book Nook Girl
5. Victoria @ Ttoria
8. Nancy & Ivette @ Tumbling Books
9. Cheyenne @ This Girl Reads


  1. Awe, thank you so much! Whew, I'm glad it's not any particular order—I'd be pretty low on the totem pole. ;)

    Thanks again! I'm completely honored.

  2. Hi. I'm now a follower (coming from Book Blogs). Just to clear up any confusion, my picture is the icon on Book Blogs. Here, I used my Say This Write logo. Stop by and say "Hello." I'd love to hear from you.

  3. #6 Candi!!!!!!! This girl is one of my best friends and though she can annoy the living daylights outta me, she deserves every ounce of honour that comes with being on this list. Anyone reading this, yes, check out all the blogs but please check out hers! Maybe I'm bias but her passion for books is amazing and will certainly suit yours.

  4. Cheyenne: No problem. Lol, yes no particular order. All of the blogs on this list are amazing.

    Sam: Friend of Candi's? Biased? Yes But, Wrong? You are not. I love her blog, tell her that for me? Lol, that's what friends are for, huh?

  5. Stacy: Thanks for the follow Stacy (: Oh, we were a bit confused, but thanks. We'll definitely stop by.

  6. :o whaaaaaat? an award for muah?
    Thanks ^.^ lol

  7. Hi! Thanks for nominating us! =) It's so exciting to be recognized.

    Nancy @

  8. Thank you so much!! *blushes* hehe!

    Vix @