Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diary Entry: New E-reader

Hey guys, just a quick update we felt was in store. All of us recently just upgraded all our Simple Touch Nooks, to the Nook Color. If too many problems arise, then we'll definitely join all you 'kindlers.' ;D

Though, the upgrade was most definitely due, one particular event occurred at Starbucks this morning. We were all finishing up 'Until I Die,' by Amy Plum, when an extremely upsetting event took place.


Vincent dies. You're kidding, right?

Would you guys like to see the outcome of the outburst Anastasia, had? (She totally chucked the Nook across Starbucks.)

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Oh, yeah. The cashier was more than happy to politely ask us to pick up Anastasia's Nook, finish eating, and leave. Her excuse? She didn't realize it wasn't a book. Overruled. GUILTY as charged. Anastasia, you are sentenced to one month in the loony bin. Case closed.

The screen is cracked ... along with our hearts. Now, we know you're thinking "This chick has some serious anger issues..." (100% true, of course.) But think about this, we read 'Die for Me' , AND 'Until I Die', in the same day, back-to-back. So it went something like: "We LOVE you so much Vincent" to "OMG you're dead?!"

We give up on life. Officially. We're still waiting for 'If I Should Die,' though. Something's definitely wrong with us; but we can't help but hope that maybe ... JUST MAYBE Vincent is alive! (We cried for like an hour, though.) We don't know, maybe Amy Plum likes misery, and suffering.

Wailing, and patiently waiting for Vincent to come back to us. Wait, does the release date say - May 2013?! Make that IMPATIENTLY waiting for Vincent.

Reviews for both books coming soon. Tell us what you think, though. Is Anastasia psycho, did you almost do the same thing? Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Loved reading this! HILARIOUS!! I hope you can get your Nook fixed Anastasia!!

    I've heard great things about Nook and Kindle. I personally love my Kindle, but I LOVE Barnes! :)

  2. LOL, thanks. Yeah, I hope so too. My amazing friends, love to bash me when I'm away. :c

    Kindle, it is! I give the Nook Color, another 2 months. I'm not so known for "taking care" of my stuff.

  3. hi ! you have been given the liebster blog award ! congrats! you can had over here for more info :)

  4. Very fun blog! This post was hilarious.

    I have a kindle myself. I originally purchased the NOOK but was informed by the a customer service rep that I wouldn't be able to PURCHASE books while I was living outside of the USA.

    Uh...Yeah, no.

    So I switched over to the Kindle that allowed international purchasing.

    I'm not sure if Nook still does that, but at the time (during its early release) that was the deal.

    Anyway, new follower!

  5. I tagged you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more information

  6. I haven't really got an e-reader as such but an iPad which I make do of iBooks.

    Woah, that must have been a big shock if it was thrown, haha! :')

    New follower!!

    - Rachel <3

  7. oh no! that's crazy! I bet the people in Starbucks were It's usually pretty calm in there...

    I love my nook...a first generation one. Still working great! I don't chuck it when I'm mad though lol. Maybe I should...then I could get something new........


  8. Thanks guys!

    @Auggie - Aww, thanks. I think it's still the same policy for the Nook, actually. We agree, though. That would be an easy pass. Not cool. Kindle! <3

    @Rachel - HUGE shock. We go to a different Starbucks now... (Thanks to me... ^-^)The iPad is also really good, too.

    @Readdicted R. - You totally should. It felt good, but I'm totally under a no-throwing-items restriction right now.(Besides I hear it's not so safe...)