Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday Musings (#1) - Getting Over Garrett Delaney

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Monday Musings is a meme where you talk about a book, you're currently reading, or have read. You post some artistic work (image, song, poem etc.) that reminds you of a theme or scene from the book you've read or are reading.

(Yes, we realize it's Musing Mondays, not Monday Musings. LOL, but it was too late, and we were too tired to care.) 

In honor of just finishing one of our Summer Reads, Getting Over Garrett Delaney, we though we'd share some pictures we found that were funny, cute, and a bit sad. The theme? Breakups.

This Week's Song:

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  1. I like the image of the broken candy heart and the song! Thanks for stopping by to visit me earlier and taking a moment to say hello so I could find you!

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    Happy Reading :)

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  3. Very interesting changes! I like the images and songs for this kind of theme. Thanks for visiting. You have a lovely blog, new follower!

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  6. Hey girls! I checked out the original meme, I actually like the changes you made to it! I'm doing your meme, instead. You should make a linky, to track whoever's doing your version of the meme. Congrats on the award, by the way.

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  8. Hey Amelia! We're glad you like it, & thanks so much! We'll definitely put up a Linky next week. <3

  9. Such cute pics! I love that Jesse song.

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