Monday, February 11, 2013

Leap Frog Follow Hop (5) - Book Boyfriends

Created by: Megan and Alise @ Paperback Princess and Readers in Wonderland (respectively)

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This Week's Question
Its almost Valentines Day, and EVERYONE knows that Book Boyfriends are better then real boyfriends/husbands. If you could choose one boy from any book who would you want to take you out on a date on V-Day? Where would you want him to take you?

My Answer
Oh, geez... I'm not really known for my loyalty, considering the countless number of boyfriends, husbands, and everything else in between I've had. No, it's not cheating! It's called exploring my options. Moving on.  For my V-Day I'd take Cal, from the Hex Hall series. He's adorable, cute, sometimes playful, and mysterious, and it doesn't hurt that he's pretty to look at! Did I say pretty? I MEAN HOTT! (This was not a typo.) As for where we'd go? ANYWHERE! I mean, seriously. His house or mine?! You know so we can have dinner and watch a movie and stuff  ...

I'd think I'd be able to tolerate simple attire, like nothing.


  1. Alise @ Readers In WonderlandFebruary 11, 2013 at 6:21 PM

    LOVE this answer! I haven't read the Hex Hall series yet but it's on my list! I'll keep this in mind when I read it. Although I think Adrian might be jealous, but I'll take care of him! :) Thanks for joining up this week!

  2. Hi, I'm Rivie

    Lol, exploring my options, that's an interesting way of looking at it.

    I haven't read this series but he sounds amazing. Looking at the picture he reminds me of Navid from 90210 (Michael Steger)

  3. Thanks Alise! You should really read the Hex Hall series. It was amazing! I practically read the whole trilogy all in one shot. LOL, I'm sure you've got that situation all under control :)

    No problemo!

  4. Hey Rivie!
    Lol, you take what you get, you know? Would it be completely weird if I said I was thinking the same exact thing? He's actually a model. Marlon Teixeira.

  5. So funny. Great answer. I haven't read the Hex Hall series (yet). Your Cal certainly is pretty. I'm already GFC following so I hit you up via email subscription. Thanks for commenting and the follow. Eric is so terribly yummy.

  6. I just followed you back :) Your blog looks really nice ^^

  7. LOL thanks, Robyn! He is, isn't he? *Drooling* You take good care of him, ya' hear?

  8. If the character looks like him I'd like to go out with him too lol. I actually liked Navid

  9. Truer words have never been spoken. Yeah, me too! I feel like a lot of people didn't like him ... Navid + Silver <3