Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Bookish Issues]: A RANT: Should book covers be released more than a year before its publication date?

WARNING: I apologize for the caps, and my French, and if I offend any of you beautiful, wonderful, amazing people who read this. Because I love you all truly, and jealousy can be flattering sometimes, right?! *Silence* Okay, here goes nothing ....

Okay, that's it. 

Someone show me the hidden cameras, because there has got to be a freaking joke going on. A joke that has apparently gotten popular among the publishers/authors of novels being released in 2013 - or if I dare say, 2014?! A WHOLE YEAR?!  
So then, answer for me this one question ... why the heck is the cover already up?! Is this supposed to be some way for readers to want the book more? Because I think that publishers might want to take into the consideration the emotional turmoil people are being faced with. By people I mean humans, readers, bibliophiles, addicts that are trying slowly to ease of their addiction ... or not. Seriously.
Maybe I'm overreacting, but let's see if I can make my point of view more understandable, shall we? Let's say I just up and decide, one day, that I want to be a freaking armpit licker for a living. That's like putting all the delicious armpits out there in front of me, and telling me "No, you're only allowed to lick them until six months from now!" No - just NO. It's just not fair.
The not having the book part, I mean.
If this comparison was not relevant in any way to my argument, then I apologize. But, my point is VALID. I'm getting really frustrated seeing all these amazing authors that are releasing beautiful book covers to their wait-an-eternity-to-be-published books. And ... I - we, I mean - want to have these books in our hands, but we can't. I feel like anytime this happens, publishers are saying something along the lines of "Silly rabbit - er reader -, you have to wait 3 more years to read this!" You think that's funny, DO YOU NOW?! 
It's just down right WRONG. Inhumane. I DON'T KNOW! Call it what you must. NO ONE DEAR SUGGEST ENTERING GIVEAWAYS. BECAUSE THAT MY FRIEND, IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING!  Rafflecopter hates me, First Reads giveaways hate me, Library Thing giveaways hate me, LUCK HATES ME. So you know what LUCK?!

 And then you know what pisses me off?! Not pisses me off - but irritates me to the point where the The Book Thief's got nothing on what I plan to do to anyone who gets a book I want before I do. When people GET ARCS - no not ARCS, because I get them sometimes, maybe three times every one and a half to two months - BUT WIN ARCS EVERY WEEK. Then, they make a blog post in which they talk about how excited they are to have the books they've received. WELL GUESS WHAT? I'M JUST FREAKING ECSTATIC. Sometimes, I just look at those posts and cry while typing some really nice comment like "OMG, I'm so jealous. You're so lucky. Keep me posted, okay?" But, what I'm really calling them are book whores. I'm a book whore, too. It's hypocritical, really.  
 I should clear up the fact that I'm totally happy for you, if you've received ARCS, or get them every week, but if your luck is just out of this world ridiculous, then YES, THIS PART OF MY RANT IS ABOUT YOU. Want to know what really TICKS ME OFF, though?  When you finally get the book, and it wasn't what you expected. Now, I don't mean you being disappointed or anything along the lines of disappointment. I'm talking - ruined your whole-week-boring, you didn't-even-finish-the-book kind of thing. So then you're just there like:

Okay, so I'm calming down, now... I think I'm going to bring this rant to an end. I'm terribly sorry if I've scared you, or angered you, or made you uncomfortable about your amazing luck.
Today's lesson kids, is that it is NOT okay to release covers up to one or more than a year before a book's publication date. It's irritating, quite honestly.All in favor of sending me to the loony bin, say I? (I secretly hope no one reads this, because then I'll just seem really psycho. And I swear sometimes I act normal... sometimes ...rarely ... never.)


  1. First off, you're hilarious and maybe only slightly crazy. ;) This was a very interesting post to read. You certainly caught my attention.

    Secondly, I usually like when we get a cover reveal. It is exciting! But I can see where it can be frustrating when it is more than a year in advance because of the long wait. It does sometimes just add more stress to my life because I feel like the book is so close and yet it is so far away. But overall I'm not sure it bothers me too much. Unless of course it was for a book that I have been impatiently waiting for already and the cover is amazing, then I would probably be bothered.

    Third, I understand how it can be frustrating when everyone else seems to have awesome luck at getting free ARC books but you don't. I don't ever win anything (okay I did win a goodreads first read book) and sometimes I get jealous (okay I do get jealous for a second just about every time) when other people show their huge haul, but still hats off to them. I understand wanting to show it off so I just push the jealousy aside. Plus, maybe they have been blogging for a long time and are just now getting good luck. Who knows. Good luck in your future bookish ARC giveaway entries.

  2. Lol, there are people that win everything, that is so cool but I sometimes wish I could win all the books I want. I totally understand what you mean about the covers. They should let us read the first draft along with them so we wont have to wait too long.

  3. I quit Netgalley after the first half dozen rejections for requests. Like I need more rejection in my life. I'm a recently divorced single mom who up and decided to be an indie writer. So I love your rant. I don't care as much about the book cover situation as the fact that I have to wait a whole year for another installment. I'm okay if there wasn't a cliffhanger involved, but there's always a cliffhanger. The girl broke up with the guy, or the guy died, but through soap opera magic he'll be back, or the world has ended, but stay tuned because your favorite characters survived. Grrh. Rants and chocolate are good for you health.

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS POST! I completely agree with EVERYTHING. I hate seeing the book covers like a year before the release, it gets me excited for nothing. I also hate that I never win anything and some book blogger win something EVERY WEEK. Not fair. :( But great post!

  5. Okay who wins these things anyways?! Are they even real people? Do they own shares in Rafflecopter? N-E-Ways... I get it and book cover should NOT be released that far in advance. It is just mean. Also, I loved all of your gifs.

  6. The book covers are definitely frustrating!

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  9. I guess I have never had this happen to me where a book cover was released that far ahead. Maybe 6 months or a little more, but a year does seem like a lot. However, I don't know if it bothers me that much. I love covers and want to see them, no matter when they are released.

  10. Marissa & JasmineMarch 25, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    OMG I love you for life! This was the best rant ever! I've never really had the cover problem but I can totally understand how that can be frustrating! Now the ARCs I totally understand! Its even worse when they get an ARC but don't read it until after the book has already been released! I mean what a waste of an ARC, the point is to read and review before it comes out. Anyways this was amazing and I just fell in love with your blog :).

  11. Lol! I really don't mind. Releasing the cover in advance tells me that they are actually working on the book :-)

  12. Personally, I loved your rant, and I agree with you. Especially on the crap about other people ALWAYS wining books. I never win shit, scratch that, I have won 3 books in a span of 3 years. To top it off, I just barley get ARC's. For the first time (EVER), someone is planing on sending me an ARC --planning. I won't believe it until I get the physical book in my hands. Otherwise, my book reviews are based completely on books I purchase and Netgally.

    Good luck, and "may the odds be ever in your favor"