Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Bookish Issues]: When I'm Reading... - Pet Peeves

WARNING: I typed this extra fast last night, to make up for a lack of a Sunday's post, or Stacking the Shelves meme today. I'm correcting typos as I go. It's readable, though. I hope I don't offend anyone *crosses fingers*

Welcome, world - er blogosphere ... (or some really bored book blog hopper)! It's the ever-awkward, frantic, crazy, and a bit unstable Demitra, here. I was super, super inspired by a blog feature I saw, recently. I would "tag" the blog, BUT I don't remember the name of the blog... It's like when you're on Facebook, and you accidentally creep on people. But you don't mean to - it just happens. Sometimes you might not even know them? Don't worry that's our secret. You and me, no one else has to know.
 (Wow, that sounds really pedoish o_O)
Well imagine that, but with book blogs. So, I can't mention the blog's name, because I don't remember what blog I was stalking browsing at that particular moment... Anyhow! I don't want to make this too long, so why don't I just put this whole rant in form of a list, eh?

UNO: When I'm Reading & Someone Interrupts Me

Okay, can someone please explain that (^) to me? Why is it that when I'm reading peacefully, and ever-so-apparently, that some god-forsaken person must desire to have a conversation with me? Of all the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, in the world you've known me, you want to talk to me now?! But, I'd never say that. I have to be normal, and polite. So I pull a move like this >>

And ask something along the lines of: "Hey, what's up? (:" When really I mean: "Is it your wish to die? If so, inform me how, so I can make it quick and painless." Unless I'm on fire, Amazon has bought over every bookstore possible (Goodreads, REALLY? What could you possibly want with millions of gorgeous, incredible, witty, and charming bookaholics? I think I just answered my own question. >.>), or a stampede of t-rexes are about to hop out of a Jumanji board - then no sound should escape from your lips. I mean, not even a exhale of air. Got, it?

DOS: The "I Read That Book!" but I Really Didn't
When I hear, that someone I know or don't know has read a book I have, I fan-girl! There is no simpler way to put it. I'm all like:

  Their facial expressions may look like this

Nevertheless, they've read the book. So, that's pretty much the part in the movie; where the mom catches her daughter, and says "What do you think you're doing?" Moving on, the conversation starts and you know what I realize?! This person doesn't know not a damn thing about what happens in the book. Then they say the dreaded words, that non-obsessive readers think is okay to say! "I didn't really read the book, I just watched the movie. It was a really nice, though. I guessed the book was cool, too?"

 WRONG. The books was fucking fantastical, and the movie was cool. You got that?! And they talk about the movie like it's the book! Then we switch roles. They want to talk, and I'm the one with the abort face. I give them subtle sign that our conversation is over. So over, it's chivalry ... in New York. Now, I don't know if you've ever been to New York, but that's pretty much non-existent. I'm talking before God, ever said "Let there be light!" You gets me, dude?
BUT THEY KEEP TALKING! o_O So much for not being a long rant.

TRES: "The Not-so-subtle" Read Over Your Shoulder Move
 You guys all know what it is. ESPECIALLY, if you're on public transportation, and you're sitting directly next to someone. They try to pull on of these:

I kind of want to say something like: "Hello, good sir? Are you aware of the fact that I too, have eyes? In fact I can do this really cool trick where I see right through the inciest corner of them. AND GUESS WHAT I SPY?! YOU." Just what the heck is up with that?! I get so pissed off about this! I mean, honestly, I am truly flattered by the fact that you think I have an extravagant, inconceivable, mind-blowing, and stupendous taste in books, but - NO! I find that kind of weird. When I see someone reading, which is never, because I'm always reading, and when I'm reading, I don't care who you are - you're not present - THEN I try to peek at the cover, but never do I ever do this. Maybe I'm annoyed by this, because it's done a lot to me, but this drives me to the brink of insanity.

CUATRO: When People Make Fun of My ... Habit
 You know that moment when you someone asks you what you like to do in your spare time? And you really want to say "READ. READ READ." But, you have to seem normal; so instead you say: "Well, I have a many hobbies, for one I like to [insert something that will never comparing to reading.]" For those of you braver bookaholics who admit you like to read - WHOOP WHOOP! For those of you who don't?
THERE WILL COME A DAY *prophesizing voice* Continuing ... Anyway you let the person know you read and they make some joke about that being weird. (or maybe that's just me, because many teenagers are unable to fathom the fact that there's other things to do during your spare time besides sleep, watch porn, and pine over some guy/girl that will never compare to one of the book boyfriends I've acquired over time.) I'm a bit of a book slut ;) Nonetheless, I  want to say something like  (^ ) But, I don't. I just politely disagree. When really I'm thinking, "I may be half-smiling, or pretending to appreciate your intellectual opinions on whether or not you think my tendency to read more than live is okay, but really I'm silently judging you ... HARSHLY." Let's end this rant with five. What do you say?

CINCO: Your Pet Peeve. Tell me your pet peeves!
I am totally craving to know them ;) You can comment or make a post and leave me a link. I'll be extra sure to comment! Before this rant comes to an end, I'd like to say what I say at the end of all of my rants. "I'm sorry if I've offended you, or touched your heart so fiercely, and caused you feel unimaginable rage, but I love you! <3" *smiles extra wildly* :DDDDDD

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  1. OMG I love you! Everything I ever think when this happens is exactly how you phrased it here. You're hilarious! lol I'm kind of crying right now. The over the shoulder reading = so true! I didn't see your Bookish issues for last month, but i'll be waiting for the next one. I'll just comment because i don't have a blog. My pet peeve is when people think all YA books are like Twilight. -.- *copies you* How wrong you are young, grasshopper. *sensei voice*

  2. Lol I totally get you! Numero uno ALWAYS happens to me. I'm just like SSHHHHHHHHHHH SHHH SHHHH!!!!

  3. That must be the best. blogpost. EVER. :D

    I totally can relate to, well, *everything*.

    Especially the part about reading being some kind of weird "hobby", which needs to be kept secret because people don't get it and think you're some sort of pale, boring couch-potato with a highly developed social phobia. Annoying. D:

  4. Great post! My biggest issue is people interrupting me when I'm reading. I'm dyslexic, so when I'm not fully concentrated, my eyes jump from line to line then I am totally confused and have to read the entire page again. This is especially bad when the book is a "Meeh" read that I'm reading for my blog ( When I'm having a hard enough time concentrating on the book as it is, I sometimes have to back track 2 - 3 pages to catch myself back up on what I just read.

    My husband it the biggest culprit.

  5. Can you type extra fast more often, please? Because I can only agree with what Cory said. Oh. My. God. This post had me laughing SO hard. Everything is exactly like you said! I hate it when the movie -thing happens. Although, one thing that bothers me even more is when someone actually tells me they're impressed by how much I read. And then we start talking about books and I almost feel like I've found my bookish soulmate when they say: "I could never find the time to read as much" It's like - bam! in my face. Once again, someone didn't get that reading is something you make time for - like with any other hobby. And that I am not the antisocial, boring, nerdy kid (okay, maybe I am a little bit) that they imagine me to be. Anyway, I actually just had to tell you that this post is - indeed - amazing. I want/need more ;)

  6. I LOVE this post. When I read and someone interrupts me all I want to do is ignore them or tell them ever so not nicely to leave me the bleep alone. Even when I do respond nicely I usually give them a horrible death/pissed off stare...I can't help it. My mother also learned over the years that it is never a good idea to interrupt me, and when she does still today occasionally she apologizes, but really she just shouldn't do it in the first place. Good thing I love her. My husband learned this early one when we are dating and now he only bothers me if it is super important. :)

  7. LOL, I love you too! <3 Glad, I could accurately depict these horrible situations and your feelings :D LOL *sensei voice* I'm going to have to steal that one ;)

  8. Exactly! "And then they're like can't you read after?!" Then I give them the "._________________." face. "No, no I can't."

  9. Haha, thanks! A lot of people don't get it, but you know what, it sucks to be them, because they don't get to enjoy books as much as we do. RIGHT?! Hello, social life, here <--- AND I like books! Woah, pigs must totally be flying? -.- *sarcasm*

  10. Ooooh, yeah, I can see how that would be a problem. Woah, not cool LOL. My brother is probably the biggest culprit. And then he says something like: "What? You're just reading." "JUST?!" * insert dramatic exit*

  11. Haha! Of course! LOL, thanks! OMG, I totally agree. Some people are impressed,but then others just see it as something you do, because you have to. When, to be 100% honest, isn't the case. We read, because we want to - because we have time, and we'd rather spend time reading than ... "having a social life." Which I, and many other book addicts all have. (It's okay, I will admit I've chosen to stay indoors and read rather than hangout with my friends. A few times... a lot) I will make another post soon, promise!

  12. 1) LOL. OMG my mom always complains. Mom: "Don't you have something else better to do?" Me: "No" Mom: "Is your room clean?" Me: "Uh...probably not."
    2) Thank you!

    3) Oh, I try to peek at the covers to see the title/author a lot, but I don't read over people's shoulders 0_0 That's just creepy ...
    4)Same fan boat, chica! Haha,thanks!

    LOLOL, you know me too well now! I'm the one that tends to rant a lot. Oh, well. Guilty.

  13. Thank you! <3 Haha! That same thought may or may not have passed through my mind more times than many. I usually just tell them: "Go, now. Right, now. I'm reading." That's totally me right there! A pissed off stare or i'll say: "How may I be of assistance, right now, you know, while I'm reading? Nevermind that, dear. Since obviously you missed the fact that I happened to have submerged myself into this book, as soon as you decided you wanted to have a conversation with me. How rude of me." *rolls eyes* Haha, my mom is getting better. It's my brother that's the biggest culprit. (.__.")

  14. hahaha..great post and I love all these peeves!

  15. Lol, thanks! (:

  16. 1. I hate when people interrupt me. My mom loves to do this… STOP IT! Leave me alone, let me read! lol

    2. Oh my gawd. I hate that! Reading does not equal movie watching! It doesn't!

    3. Um… I'm kind of guilty of this. A little bit. Not reading the inside, but trying to read the spine to see what book it is. I get all creepy, too. Bending down and side glancing. Major creepo.

    4. You book slut! LOL haha Loved that! I tell everyone that I love to read and that I hate doing other things, and I get the weird looks, but whatever. I'm freaking cool.

    5. Pet peeve: Um… probably number 1. I hate being interrupted while reading. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!!!

    I love how I was like "Demitra totally wrote this" before I even got to see your name at the bottom! LOL I know you now!