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[Review]: Waiting for You by Shey Stahl

Author: Shey Stahl
Publisher:  Self-Published - Woo hoo!
Release Date: February 21st 2013
Pages: 292
Read in: 3 days
Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life. Everything about her life has been organized and lived out to the expectations set of her parents. She is the class valedictorian, has perfect grades, the perfect friends, a perfect boyfriend, basically perfect life...or so everyone thought. That's when she realizes the path planned isn't always the path chosen. 

On graduation day she makes a decision. One that changes everything she thought she knew about her intended future.

On a whim, she runs away with the town rebel, Dylan Wade, in search of the unknown.

Dylan Wade isn't looking to run away from anything.

He knows what he wants as he's been waiting on it for years.

On a journey to find the unknown, they discover a friendship they once knew along the open highway and have not a care in the world. Between the yellow and white lines of the heated summer asphalt, a spark draws them together as Dylan's past and Bailey future try to ripe them apart.

Could it be that Dylan and his GTO are exactly what her perfectly planned life needs?

Bailey Gray is used to playing by the rules. She has perfect grades. A perfect best friend. And the perfect boyfriend. Since she was nine years old, Bailey has been bound by expectations formed by her parents. These expectations constrict her so much she finally cracks -- literally.  As valedictorian, Bailey is expected to make a speech for the senior class on Graduation Day. "With the right mindset, you can achieve anything." This, however, didn't happen. Instead, Bailey finds herself doing something she  wants for once. Something wild, crazy, and ridiculously stupid. She decides to give the senior class, her parents, and her superficial friends one last "Fuck you!" -- aloud. Even crazier? Bailey runs away from home, her full college scholarship, and from the Bailey everyone wants her to be with her mysterious first-kiss and ex-best-friend, Dylan. Together they'll make up for lost time, and fall in to a love so strong their respective families can't even top it.

I thought Bailey's character was fantastically developed. At first I thought her character was bit inconsistent, because of the fact that one day she's a yes-girl, and suddenly the next she's cursing and running away with one of the town's known delinquents. Although, after a while, I began to admire the spontaneity of the road trip Dylan and Bailey embark on. It added to the intense sparks that started flying between them, less than midway through the book. The conflict. It was a huge plot twist that I totally did not see coming. When the climax was finally revealed, I had to put my Kindle down. I literally had no words, and way too many feels. Which explains why it took me three days to read Waiting for You  instead of one. 
I wasn't a fan of the ending. I loved the uncertainty at the end, especially since Bailey is so used to having all her plans laid out. It made the reader unsure of what was to come, as if nothing had been put into writing. However, what didn't sit too well with me was this sort of epilogue turn of events that occurred. It wasn't as practical as I would've like it to be.

 The fact that there's a sequel. What could possibly happen that didn't already take place?! They settle down as some sort-of-runaway-sweethearts, marry and have kids? Actually, maybe a sequel doesn't irk me as much. How about the fact that it's apparently a trilogy now? I think the story has a lot a potential, but a TRILOGY?! In my opinion, it will drag Dylan and Bailey's story out to a point of no return, and no enjoyment.
I thought the story of Dylan and Bailey was heart-warming, and yet heart-breaking all in one shot. Waiting for You  surpassed all expectations I had previously established from reviews I've seen prior to my reading it. Served as a great addition to summer reading lists of 2013.
(3.5, really.)

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Shey Stahl is a romance writer who enjoys writing about racing and a good love story that will sweep you off your laughing ass. Growing up she was surrounded by racing watching her dad at the local Northwest tracks. 

Writing wasn't something she thought she would ever do but when a rough pregnancy landed her on bed rest three years ago, a passion was discovered. Now, aside from chasing around her little princess with magical powers, it's rare for her to put down the pen.

Currently Shey is finishing up her series, Racing on the Edge, that follows a dirt track racer on his rapid rise to the glitz and glamour of NASCAR and the family who supports him.

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  1. Sounds like an enjoyable read. It really seemed like it would be a stand-alone though, can't believe it's a trilogy! I hate it when authors drag out the story and add in ridiculous events (car crashes, brain tumours, ex girlfriends etc etc) just so that the story can keep going.