Sunday, November 16, 2014

[Update Post]: I'm back!



I guess I should start off this post by saying it feels good to finally get back to book blogging! I decided to take a break sometime last year when I realized that I wasn't finding book blogging as fun as I had when I first started. I never lost my passion for reading clearly, but the whole process of writing a review, and keeping up with a the rest of the book blogging community had started to become tedious. It was also extremely demanding to find time to post, and it started to interfere with my priorities for school. Which is a huge "no bueno" when it comes to me.

Anyhow! I'm back and ready to reconnect with my awesome followers and friends. I'm kind of getting used to this whole switch over to Bloglovin', while working my way up from the old blog design I made -- that was completely all over the place. I'll just chalk that up to the fact that I was 16 when I last posted, and now I'm almost two years older. LOL (I like to think I've gown since then ...) 

I won't officially be back to "blogging" until probably the end of this month, so please excuse how disorganized my blog layout might appear over the course of these last few weeks. I'm still sort of playing around with things, until I decide that I like what I'm looking at. I will be hosting a special "welcome back" giveaway once I've settled in.

Looking forward to another great year of book blogging,


  1. Awww, I was really sad to see you go when you did. Your reviews always used to make me laugh, especially when you didn't like a book that you read. I'm glad you're back, and I'm looking forward to this kick-off giveaway! ;o

  2. Glad to be back, Olivia. You're always the sweetest!

    Plotting this crazy comeback giveaway as I type. (>;o)